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How to deal with mental burnout as a creative

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Burnout is a sign that you are doing way too much. You have a lot going on in your personal life, you’re trying to kick start your side hustle all while balancing your corporate job, the kids, and please your friends. Whoever said you can do everything is a liar because we’ve tried it and have failed miserably on several attempts.

When you have too much going on you are less likely to focus, and produce quality work and you will cut a lot of corners. This results in producing work that you are not truly proud of and of course we often start questioning are able to create in the first place. Don’t let anyone or anything steal your passion or ability to create. The world would not exist without creatives and that’s why it’s important to guard your mind, and spirit and remain focused at all times.

Of course, we are all humans and there will be times we allow ourselves to take on too much. In order to avoid making similar mistakes we advise you:

Set boundaries - When you set boundaries you are basically showing people how you would like to be treated.

For us, it’s saying no to projects that no longer served us. When we were 18, it was easy to say yes to everything. But, as we gracefully maneuver into our 30s, we’ve found that saying no has served us the most. It’s not that we don’t want to take on a lot of projects, we’ve just learned that there is a season for everything.

Listen to your gut instinct and only say yes to collaborations that make you feel comfortable, safe, and fulfilled. If you get in the habit of working for every paycheck that comes your way you will be drained and overworked.

Honor your personal space - People assume creatives should work all day and every day. If you do not create space in your business to take a break you will eventually not enjoy what you do.

Trust us, It’s not easy setting boundaries and taking a break. As certified workaholics we get it. But, having a mental breakdown or burning out is not worth it.

It takes lots of practice and momentum, but with due time you’ll only be saying “Yes!” to projects that serve and fulfill you only.

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