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3 ways to successfully market your creative services

We live in a social media world with folks out here thinking that Instagram and TikTok are enough to get you booked and paid. As a former casting assistant for movies, music videos, runway shows, and more. We’ve learned that no one cares how many followers you have. People want to know if you can do the job, how you will do it, and your asking price.

The people that consistently get booked and paid are not the most talented. They are organized, enthusiastic, professional, and straightforward. Most importantly they know how to market themselves.

Marketing is important, no matter what you're selling or what service you offer. But as an entrepreneur, with your creative service/products, it's easy to fall into the mindset that marketing can be put on the back burner because it won't “earn” you money. This couldn't be further from the truth.

The following are a few ways you can successfully market your creative services online.

Update your portfolio

Update your Linkedin portfolio so that it’s current.

Update your professional resume. It may sound old fashion but a lot of the key players hiring creatives still ask for a traditional resume.

Next, create a digital portfolio and attach it to a free Linktree account if you cannot afford a website. A Linktree profile can easily be attached to a social media page where people can download your pdf for free.

When we first started working in the creative industry, we used to carry physical portfolios of our tearsheets and portfolios. What a mess! What we’ve noticed throughout the years is a shift in creatives applying for jobs using their social media platforms.

While this may work sometimes, most professionals will not take you seriously. We encourage you to create a solid digital portfolio to display and efficiently market your services.

Tell people you’re looking for work.

If you want to get work, you have to tell people you are looking for it, to begin with.

There are so many people looking to hire creatives around the world, you just have to be ready and present your work in a manner where people know you are series.

Hang out with other creatives.

A healthy circle of friends will love to support you. Build relationships with people who are willing to invest in you as much as you are investing in them. A strong network can keep you booked and paid.

Follow online job boards such as Breed, Upwork, Fivver, and Freelance.

Yes, most people don’t want to do this. But, it takes time to make money. You have to spend time applying for jobs when you’re just getting started. Eventually, people will come knocking at your door. But, right now they don’t even know it's open.

Simply making a logo, name, and social media page will not guarantee any clients. You have to go knocking at doors. The world of freelance work is often one fraught with uncertainty — and much of it can be tied to your marketing efforts. But you’re not alone, and it’s an obstacle that can be overcome with a little bit of help.

Nobody makes it to the top alone. You need a support network—people to advise you, coach you, cheer for you, and give you a heads-up when you’re about to make a costly mistake. You don’t have this kind of network yet? You do now. Join Style Sense Collective. Your tribe is here > Join our community of creatives

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